Individual Counseling


My therapeutic intention is to support learning. I will embark with you on a reflective journey that deepens your self-awareness and supports your process of growth and change. The therapeutic environment is a safe container, allowing you the time, space, and support to discover the obstacles that are preventing you from enjoying life to the fullest. You will learn new skills to help navigate your internal and external landscapes. 

Couples Counseling


Couples engage in counseling for many reasons. Some are hoping for tools to deepen and grow. Some desire support to repair and heal. Some are questioning the viability of their partnership and seek clarity. We will deeply investigate the dances you do together, building awareness of your conscious and unconscious relational patterns. Through this awareness, your mutual vision for relating will become clearer, making space for change to occur. 

Family Systems Therapy


We do not exist in a vacuum. Layers upon layers of relationships form the fabric of our lives. Extending the work I do with individuals and couples into a larger family system, I hope to help you learn about your family's specific emotional field. What are the roles you play in each other's lives? What changes need to occur for all the members of your family to thrive, find fulfillment and happiness. Collaboratively discover the shared vision of balance and wellness within your unique biological or chosen family context. All family configurations are welcome.